14 November, 2019                                                                                                       The Government House 

Today, the member organizations of the International Land Coalition (ILC) officially launched “NES Mongolia” Platform, which aims at the secured land rights and strengthening equal and non-violent land governance under the common land right policy and cooperation at global level and including the Asia region. The participants of the consultative meeting recognized and appreciated that the adoption of the concept of “Strengthening of people-centered land governance” and “Voluntary guidelines on the responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests” matches with the state policy priorities and SDGs.

The relevant Government organizations, private sector, international organizations, and civil society organizations are therefore, welcomed to provide support and assistances to activities of “NES Mongolia” platform, expansion of its membership, and to enhance of legal environment to secure and protect land rights of herders and citizens of vulnerable groups.

One. To the central government organizations:

  1. 1 On improvement of favorable legal environment and regulations:
  2. Determine country-specific indicators for land governance assessment and monitoring, adaption of best practices of internationally-applied good land governance and cooperate with NGOs and professional organizations for the adaption of land-based sustainable development models;
  3. Tighten the system of accountability related to the security of pastureland rights, reduction of degradation and deterioration of natural resources on the pasture, rehabilitation and optimal utilization of such resources; 
  4. Secure and protect land rights of citizens of vulnerable groups in urban areas and improve the enforcement of related legislations;
  5. Make decisions and information on land rights more transparent and publicly accessible and promote the participation of local communities and civil society organizations in monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of relevant legislations;   

1.2 Systematic adoption of, and sustaining with, the ILC 10 commitments and the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests Good Governance of FAO of United Nations in the pertinent activities of land rights and use, protection and rehabilitation of pastureland at all levels of the government hierarchy. 

Two. To the international and the local civil society organizations:

  • In order to accomplish the ILC 10 commitments and strengthening people-centered land rights, cooperate with, the NES Mongolia platform or provide every potential assistance to activities of the platform through membership, or partnering  the NES Mongolia platform;

Three. To land/pasture users and land right holders:

  • Actively engage in activities by “NES Mongolia” platform and its supporters towards strengthening of people-centered land governance and adoption of the ILC10 commitments and provide all kinds of assistances.